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At Cantilever Sliding Gates, we specialise in advanced access control solutions in Southport.Β 

Our cantilever sliding gates function as powerful access control devices, seamlessly sliding along a track to enhance security and control vehicle access at entrances.

Designed for durability, our gates not only prevent unauthorised entry but also offer barrier protection while improving traffic flow. They’re commonly used in commercial properties in Southport, enhancing both aesthetics and security.

Our cantilever sliding gates can be integrated with cutting-edge access systems, and their motorised mechanisms respond to remote control signals. Plus, they are easy to maintain, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your property’s security with our cantilever sliding gates. 

Contact us today to explore how our innovative solutions can elevate security and convenience for your premises.

Who Are We

We are a leading provider of high-security gate automation solutions, specialising in cantilever sliding gates and gate locks in Southport.

Our team has extensive expertise in designing and installing advanced security solutions for a wide range of applications, including industrial facilities, commercial properties, and residential estates.

With a keen focus on gate automation technology in Southport, we have developed innovative systems that prioritise both security and convenience. Our cantilever sliding gates are renowned for their smooth operation and durability, offering a seamless entry and exit experience. Our high-security features provide peace of mind for property owners, incorporating robust locking mechanisms and cutting-edge access control systems.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing our services ensures access to a wide range of cutting-edge gate automation solutions in Southport, including electric gate kits, access control systems, and high-security features.

With our electric gate kits, customers can experience effortless entry and enhanced property security. Our access control systems offer advanced technology, providing convenient and secure access management.

The integration of high-security features ensures peace of mind and protection against unauthorised entries. Our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction sets us apart in the industry, making us the ideal choice for all gate automation needs.

What Is A Cantilever Sliding Gate?

A cantilever sliding gate is a type of gate that operates using a rolling centre and complies with BS EN safety standards, featuring advanced gate motors and integrated safety edges for smooth and secure operation.

With its innovative rolling centre mechanism, a cantilever sliding gate offers several advantages over traditional swinging or track-based sliding gates. The rolling centre design allows the gate to span a wide entrance without requiring a track, making it an excellent choice for locations with uneven terrain or limited space.

In terms of safety, these gates are designed to meet the stringent BS EN standards, ensuring reliable performance and protection for users and vehicles. Additionally, advanced gate motors in Southport enhance the gate’s functionality, enabling precise and efficient operation while minimising noise and reducing wear and tear.

Integrated safety edges further add to the secure operation of cantilever sliding gates, detecting obstructions and ensuring immediate reversal of the gate’s movement to prevent accidents or damage.

How Does a Cantilever Sliding Gate Work?

The operation of a cantilever sliding gate in Southport relies on a system of rollers, a track, and a wheel mechanism, with the inclusion of an emergency stop button for enhanced safety measures.

Rollers play a crucial role in supporting the gate’s weight and facilitating smooth movement along the track. The track provides a guided path for the gate’s motion, ensuring stability and precision.

The wheel mechanism assists in distributing the load and aids in the gate’s lateral movement. The emergency stop button serves as a vital safety feature, immediately halting the gate’s operation in case of any potential hazards or emergencies. This rapid response mechanism enhances the overall safety of the cantilever sliding gate, making it an effective and secure access control solution.

What are the benefits of a cantilever sliding gate?

Cantilever sliding gates offer a wide range of advantages, including seamless operation, high security, and the option for powered automation, making them ideal for various access control scenarios in Southport.

These gates are known for their smooth and effortless movement. This is thanks to the cantilever design that eliminates the need for a track on the ground. This also reduces maintenance concerns and allows for smooth operation even on uneven surfaces.

The high-security features of these gates provide peace of mind for property owners. These features include anti-lift properties and robust construction. They are an ideal choice for those looking to safeguard their premises.

The compatibility with powered automation systems enhances convenience and efficiency. This allows for seamless integration with access control technology and remote operation options. As a result, these gates are suitable for both residential and commercial properties seeking reliable, secure, and convenient access solutions.

There is no need for a bottom track.

One of the key advantages of a cantilever sliding gate is its ability to operate without the need for a bottom track, which enhances safety and makes it suitable for installation on uneven ground.

Without a bottom track, cantilever sliding gates eliminate the risk of debris accumulation and obstructions that often affect traditional sliding gates. This results in reduced maintenance requirements and improved operational reliability.

This design also minimises the potential for tripping hazards, offering a safer environment for both pedestrians and vehicles. Additionally, on uneven surfaces, the absence of a bottom track allows for smooth and uninterrupted operation, preventing damage to the gate and ensuring consistent functionality.

Smooth and Quiet Operation

Cantilever sliding gates are renowned for their smooth and quiet operation, facilitated by advanced sliding gate hardware and integrated safety edges for optimised performance.

The sliding gate hardware is essential for the smooth movement of gates. It includes wheels, tracks, and rollers that reduce friction and improve stability, resulting in quiet and efficient operation.

Additionally, safety edges are integrated into the hardware to enhance safety by detecting obstructions and preventing accidents. These features contribute to the operational efficiency of cantilever sliding gates in Southport, making them a popular option for commercial and industrial properties.

Less Maintenance

Cantilever sliding gates require minimal maintenance due to their utilisation of a rolling centre and advanced gate motors, which reduce the impact of debris and environmental factors on the gate’s operation.

The rolling centre design of cantilever sliding gates allows for smooth and efficient operation without the need for frequent adjustments or upkeep. By minimising the contact points with the ground, these gates are less susceptible to debris accumulation, reducing the risk of blockages or malfunctions.

In addition, the advanced gate motors employed in cantilever sliding gates are engineered to withstand environmental influences, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and dust. This robust construction enhances the gates’ resilience, ensuring reliable performance over an extended lifespan.

The combination of a well-designed rolling centre and resilient gate motors makes cantilever sliding gates an attractive choice for those seeking a low-maintenance and enduring solution for property access and security.

Can Be Used on Uneven Ground

The adaptability of cantilever sliding gates allows them to be effectively used on uneven ground, providing seamless gate leaf movement and reliable operation across diverse terrains.

This makes them particularly suitable for locations where a traditional swinging gate may be impractical or would require significant modifications to function properly on uneven surfaces.

Due to their elevated design and utilisation of overhead space, cantilever sliding gates do not rely on a track or rail that runs along the length of the opening, making them well-suited for ground with varying elevations, rough textures, or obstructions.

The absence of ground contact also ensures that these gates are not affected by uneven or shifting surfaces, preserving the smooth and reliable movement of the gate leaf.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Cantilever Sliding Gate?

Despite their numerous advantages, cantilever sliding gates have certain disadvantages. These include requiring more space and being relatively more expensive than traditional sliding or swing gates. Offering a comparison to manual gate options.

When considering space requirements, cantilever sliding gates need additional space for the counterbalance system. This is unlike traditional sliding or swing gates which operate within the width of the opening. This can be a limiting factor in properties with limited space availability, making traditional options more favourable in such situations.

In terms of cost, the installation of a cantilever sliding gate involves more complex technology and structural support. This results in a higher initial capital outlay compared to other gate systems. The maintenance and repair costs for cantilever gates are often higher due to the sophisticated mechanical components involved.

Comparatively, manual gate options offer a cost-effective and space-efficient alternative. While they do require physical effort for operation, they eliminate the need for complex mechanical systems. This also allows for customisation with various materials and styles, catering to diverse aesthetic and functional requirements.

Requires More Space

One notable disadvantage of cantilever sliding gates is their requirement for more space, which may impact installation options for certain driveway gate configurations, especially in cases requiring infill support.

This is due to the fact that cantilever sliding gates need additional space for the counterbalance, which sets them apart from traditional driveway gates.

The need for a counterbalance means that the gate extends further into the property, requiring more clearance alongside the fence line. This aspect might pose challenges for properties with limited space or those with specific slope considerations.

The space required for the gate kit components and infill support further emphasises this difference in space utilisation.

More Expensive Than Traditional Sliding Gates

Cantilever sliding gates generally entail higher costs compared to traditional sliding gates, often attributed to advanced components such as rolling centre mechanisms and Roger technology for electric sliding gate operations.

The implementation of rolling centre mechanisms allows for smoother and quieter gate movement, enhancing the user experience but also contributing to the overall cost.

Similarly, Roger technology brings advanced automation and safety features, adding to the initial investment. These additional costs are often justified by the superior functionality and convenience offered by cantilever sliding gates, making them a popular choice for property owners seeking modern and efficient gate solutions.

Installation Can Be More Complex

The installation process for cantilever sliding gates can be more complex due to the integration of gate motors, security features, and the overall requirements for automated gate operations. This requires specialised expertise and attention to detail.

Regarding integrating gate motors, it’s imperative to ensure that they are suitable for the specific requirements of cantilever sliding gates. These mechanisms need to effortlessly support the weight and size of the gate.

In addition, incorporating advanced security features, such as keypad entry systems, intercoms, or remote access control, adds another layer of complexity to the installation process.

The overall considerations for automated gate systems, including power supply, safety mechanisms, and integration with existing infrastructure, demand thorough evaluation and meticulous planning.

What are the different types of cantilever sliding gates?

Cantilever sliding gates come in various types, including aluminium, steel, and wood variants, each offering distinct characteristics and aesthetic considerations for different gate applications.

Aluminium cantilever sliding gates are known for their lightweight yet durable nature, making them ideal for residential and commercial properties. They offer a sleek and modern aesthetic, often with customisable finishes to complement the overall design.

Steel variants, on the other hand, are recognised for their exceptional strength and security features, making them popular choices for industrial and high-security applications. With their robust construction, steel gates provide long-lasting performance and a formidable appearance.

Wood cantilever sliding gates exude a classic and timeless appeal, adding warmth and charm to any entrance. They are often chosen for their natural beauty and the ability to be customised to match the surrounding environment.

Aluminium Cantilever Sliding Gates

Aluminium cantilever sliding gates are characterised by their lightweight yet durable vertical bar designs, providing an ideal balance of security and access control features for various gate applications.

These gates offer a combination of strength and functionality due to the aluminium material, which ensures resistance to corrosion and minimal maintenance.

The vertical bar design not only enhances their visual appeal but also prevents unauthorised access. The incorporation of access control features such as keypad entry systems or remote control operation adds an extra layer of security to these gates.

Steel Cantilever Sliding Gates

Steel cantilever sliding gates are known for their robust security features and key characteristics, offering enhanced protection and key operational features for various high-security gate applications.

These gates are constructed with heavy-duty steel, providing unmatched durability and resistance to forced entry. They are ideal for securing industrial, commercial, and critical infrastructure sites.

The security-focused elements, such as high-security locks, anti-climb designs, and optional integration with access control systems, further enhance their ability to safeguard restricted areas.

Their smooth operational functionality and minimal maintenance requirements make them a practical choice for demanding security environments.

Wood Cantilever Sliding Gates

Wood cantilever sliding gates offer a traditional aesthetic appeal whilst incorporating the operational advantages of sliding gates, providing a blend of classic design and modern functionality for swing gate applications.

The use of wood in the construction of these gates exudes a warmth and timeless elegance that complements various architectural styles, from rustic to contemporary.

The cantilever design allows for smooth, effortless operation without the need for a ground track, making them ideal for uneven or sloping terrains. The seamless integration of automated sliding gate technology ensures convenience and security, making them a popular choice for residential and commercial properties alike.

This harmonious combination of aesthetic charm and practicality makes wood cantilever sliding gates a versatile and appealing option for discerning property owners.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Choosing a Cantilever Sliding Gate?

Selecting a cantilever sliding gate entails considering key factors such as size and weight capacity, materials and aesthetics, security features, and budgetary implications including maintenance costs.

Regarding the size and weight capacity, it’s crucial to accurately assess the dimensions of the gate opening and consider the potential load it needs to support.

Understanding the materials and aesthetics is essential; durability, weather resistance, and the gate’s visual appeal all play significant roles.

The integration of security features, such as automated locking mechanisms and access control systems, shouldn’t be overlooked.

The financial aspect, encompassing both the initial investment and long-term maintenance costs, is an important decision-making factor for any astute buyer.

Size and Weight Capacity

Understanding the size and weight capacity requirements is crucial when selecting a cantilever sliding gate. This is especially important for installations of electric sliding gates to ensure compatibility with specific gate leaf dimensions.

For electric sliding gate installations, the size and weight capacity are crucial factors for smooth functionality and long-term durability. These aspects determine the gate’s ability to support the weight of the gate leaf and should not be overlooked.

It’s imperative to consider the compatibility of the gate with various gate leaf dimensions to avoid any operational issues. By thoroughly assessing the size and weight capacity of the cantilever sliding gate, one can ensure that it meets the specific requirements of the installation location. This proactive approach can prevent potential problems and contribute to a seamless and efficient gate automation system.

Materials and Aesthetics

The selection of materials and aesthetics plays a pivotal role in choosing a cantilever sliding gate, providing opportunities to align with traditional sliding gate designs or explore modern options, including features such as infill support for specific aesthetic preferences.

When considering materials, durability and weather resistance are crucial factors in ensuring the longevity and functionality of the sliding gate.

Traditional choices such as wrought iron exude a classic charm and can be intricately designed to add a touch of elegance to the property entrance. On the other hand, modern alternatives like aluminium offer sleek, minimalist profiles and can be customised to complement contemporary architectural styles.

Aesthetics also extend to the infill support, which can range from decorative panels to mesh designs or even timber elements, allowing homeowners to harmonise the gate with the overall exterior aesthetic.

Security Features

Evaluating the incorporated security features is essential when choosing a cantilever sliding gate. This includes elements such as automatic barriers, key security attributes, and overall suitability for high-security gate applications.

Cantilever sliding gates are known for their ability to provide both security and convenience. The addition of automatic barriers further enhances these qualities by ensuring efficient access control and reducing the risk of unauthorized entry.

The seamless integration of automatic barriers also adds key security attributes to the gate, such as advanced locking mechanisms, sturdy construction, and access control systems. These features are crucial in fortifying the gate’s overall security, especially in high-security gate applications where strict measures are necessary.

Budget and Maintenance Costs

Considering the budgetary implications and projected maintenance costs is fundamental in the selection of a cantilever sliding gate. This ensures aligned operations and compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

A well-thought-out budget and maintenance plan can have a significant impact on the overall cost efficiency and effectiveness of the operational system.

Cost-effective gate solutions are essential in today’s competitive landscape. By carefully weighing the initial investment against projected maintenance expenses, organisations can make informed decisions that align with their financial goals and operational needs.

Moreover, compliance with industry standards and regulations is paramount. It not only ensures the safety and security of the premises, but also avoids potential legal and financial repercussions.

How to Install a Cantilever Sliding Gate?

The installation process of a cantilever sliding gate involves meticulous steps, ensuring precise integration particularly for electric sliding gates and the provision of suitable power supply infrastructure.

When installing a cantilever sliding gate, it is important to first measure and mark out the positioning for the gate posts. This requires precise measurements and a steady hand to ensure a perfectly aligned installation.

Next, it is crucial to dig the foundation holes to the correct depth and diameter to provide adequate support for the gate structure.

For electric sliding gates, it is necessary to plan for a suitable power supply infrastructure. This includes determining the location of power outlets, ensuring the correct voltage requirements, and considering backup power sources for uninterrupted operation.

It is also important to integrate safety features such as obstacle detection sensors and auto-reverse mechanisms for electric gates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cantilever sliding gate work?

A cantilever sliding gate is a type of gate that is supported by rollers and a track, allowing it to slide horizontally without the need for a bottom track. 

This design allows for a smooth and efficient operation, making it ideal for driveways with uneven or sloped surfaces.

What are the advantages of a cantilever sliding gate?

There are several advantages to using a cantilever sliding gate, including its smooth and quiet operation, reduced maintenance needs, and ability to be installed on uneven or sloped surfaces. It also offers a sleek and modern look, making it a popular choice for residential and commercial properties.

Are cantilever sliding gates secure?

Cantilever sliding gates are designed to be secure and provide a high level of protection for your property. 

The lack of a bottom track makes it difficult for intruders to lift the gate and gain access. Additionally, these gates can be equipped with various locking mechanisms for added security.

What materials are cantilever sliding gates typically made of?

Cantilever sliding gates can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminium, steel, and wood. The choice of material will depend on factors such as the desired aesthetic, budget, and level of security needed.

Can a cantilever sliding gate be automated?

Cantilever sliding gates can easily be automated with the installation of a motor and control system. This allows for convenient operation with the use of a remote or keypad, providing added security and ease of use for the gate. 

How do I maintain my cantilever sliding gate?

Cantilever sliding gates require minimal maintenance, but it is important to keep the track and rollers clean and free of debris. Regularly lubricating the rollers and hinges can also help to keep the gate operating smoothly. It is also recommended to have a professional inspect and maintain the gate annually to ensure proper functioning.

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